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The RPG & DB2 Summit - Spring 2014

A Texas Longhorn cattle auction literally set the stage for the RPG & DB2 Summit in Dallas this March. These beautiful beasts traipsed in and out of the Embassy Suites ballroom over the weekend as we prepped for the Summit and greeted attendees who arrived early, many from overseas. Only in Texas!xxx

By Monday, the hotel was miraculously back to normal as a record number of IBM i professionals joined us for pre-Summit workshops on SQL, RSE (sold out again!) and PHP.

Kicking off the Summit sessions on Tuesday, Barbara Morris' More Freedom for RPG earned the distinction of being the Summit's most-attended breakout session ever - so full that she presented in "the corral" instead of her breakout room. Clearly these new enhancements solidify free-form as the future for RPG and our path to attracting younger talent.

Other blow-out sessions included Paul Tuohy's Embedded SQL - Beyond the Basics and Ted Holt's 30 SQL Tips in 60 Minutes. Ted's ukulele performance of The Summit Song surprised and delighted his class and those of us lucky enough to attend the encore.

Take a photo tour of this Summit.

Keynote speaker Trevor Perry entertained and challenged us to motivate others to change by changing ourselves first. Start a lunch and learn at work. Work through feeling "stupid." Build a business case for learning new techniques. Persist!

Mike Cain took this theme to the next level in his iAdvocate discussion. We explored how we can influence management on IT decisions that impact our own futures and the health of our organizationŐs IT systems. You can download Mike's handout, research, slide decks and other free iAdvocate resources here.

And we had plenty of fun! At the Tuesday banquet, lunches and between sessions we networked with each other, the speakers and select ISVs. We celebrated Susan's 30th birthday (again.) We won great prizes, including an iPad Mini and a couple of Kindles. We learned about useful ISV tools, collected IBM i vignette cards and won t-shirts honoring the strengths of our favorite platform.

As always, the exceptional experts who round out the Summit family deserve kudos for its success: Scott Klement, Mike Cain, Barbara Morris, Tom McKinley, Aaron Bartell, Mike Pavlak, Alison Butterill, Guy Vig and Ted Holt. Our thanks.

Visit our Facebook page for more pictures of this Summit, and subscribe to our mailing list for news of the next RPG & DB2 Summit coming up in September/October 2014. Hope to see you there!

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