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December 12, 2017
RPG & DB2 Summit Opens Up Schedule for Several New Sessions in March
October 20, 2017
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August 30, 2017
CIO Summit Planned For IBM i Executives
June 12, 2017
Next RPG & DB2 Summit highlights DB2 for i, Watson's Web Services & Open Source
February 6, 2017
IBM honors Gantner, Paris & Tuohy as 2017 IBM Champions.
December 5, 2016
Summit attendees see tangible results of their education

Hands-On Workshops

Foundations in SQL for i - Hands On

SQL is the dominant data retrieval language in today's IT world. Yet many RPGers don't fully grasp all its capabilities. Understandable since - unlike programmers on other platforms - we have a choice. We can access our data either through SQL or through "native" access methods.

Increasingly, new database enhancements can only be utilized via SQL and our applications often need to extend beyond IBM i to access data on other platforms. Users are requiring more and more complex and/or dynamic data access that strains the capabilities of native access methods - things that SQL can sometimes do much more easily. Consequently, SQL has gone from being a "nice to have" skill to one that is essential to keep IBM i a vital part of your company's IT plans.

This seminar aims to provide a strong foundation in the SQL language. We'll make sure we're all on the same page with SQL terminology and concepts. We'll cover the basic syntax for Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements such as SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE and Data Definition Language (DDL) such as CREATE (or DROP or ALTER) TABLE (or VIEW or INDEX).

After the basics, we'll look at the power of the many SQL functions and compare/contrast some of them with RPG built-in functions. We'll look at accessing data from multiple tables using JOIN and UNION. We'll look at the use of subselect (a SELECT within a SELECT) and the use of Common Table Expressions (CTE) to accomplish more complex data access.

This hands-on workshop will provide you with a strong foundation in the SQL language and can help to prepare you for some of the upcoming Summit sessions which assume you understand SQL.

Note that we will focus on the SQL language itself - this is not a programming session. After this workshop, you can learn about using SQL as a programming language in the follow-on session in the main Spotlight event on "SQL Procedures, Functions and Triggers". The techniques involved in embedding SQL into RPG are covered in 2 upcoming Spotlight sessions: "Embedding SQL - The Basics" and "Embedding SQL - Beyond the Basics" - both of which assume you already have a foundation in the SQL language.

Speaker: Skip Marchesani & Susan Gantner

Workshop: Unleashing the DB2 for i Performance Tools

This day of labs will provide you with hands-on experience with the built-in SQL Performance Tooling for DB2 for i. The labs will teach you best practices and a methodology for using this suite of graphical performance tools. The lab exercises will primarily focus on these tools:

  • Visual Explain
  • SQL Plan Cache
  • Index Advisor & Evaluator
  • SQL Performance Monitor

Speaker: Kent Milligan

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