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May 17, 2016
20th RPG & DB2 Summit Teaches Latest OLAP, Temporal Capabilities in DB2 for i
February 10, 2016
Gantner, Paris & Tuohy each earn 2016 IBM Champion honor.
January 12, 2016
New IBM i DB2 Track Debuts at March 2016 Summit
December 15, 2015
New 8-hour SQL Workshop added for March 2016 Summit
November 2, 2015
400 Guru Ted Holt recounts his Summit experience as a speaker and student
September 18, 2015
Free Download: Susan's latest Favorite RSE Keyboard Shortcuts now available.

Sessions Roadmaps

Do you need help deciding which sessions to attend to meet specific educational goals? Whether your next challenge is to build web or mobile applications, create business intelligence dashboards, or to hone your SQL or ILE skills, the following roadmaps will help you identify the most relevant sessions. Click on the next to a category to view the related sessions.

You may also view a list of sessions, view sessions by speaker or view the session grid.

    Design It / Build It / Secure It / Tune It

    Developing Mobile and Web-Based Applications

    Query, Reporting and Analytics

    Modern Database Design for IBM i

    Programming with SQL and RPG

    DB2 Tips & Techniques

    Accessing Data Beyond the Database

    ILE and Modular Programming

    Web Services

    Using Modern Development Tools

    Optimizing Database and SQL Performance

    Exploiting RPG to the Fullest

Procedures and Service Programs from A to Z (Part 2)
Jon Paris
Procedures and Service Programs from A to Z (Part 1)
Jon Paris
Hands-On: SQL for the RPG Programmer! (Part 2)
Paul Tuohy
Hands-On: SQL for the RPG Programmer! (Part 1)
Paul Tuohy
Hands-On RSE/RDi Workshop (Part 2)
Susan Gantner
Hands-On RSE/RDi Workshop (Part 1)
Susan Gantner
RPG User-defined Functions (UDFs) & Table Functions (UDTFs)
Scott Klement
ILE Essentials Part 2: Activation Groups & Binder Language
Susan Gantner
ILE Essentials, Part 1: Static Binding Basics
Susan Gantner
A Pattern for Reusable RPG Code
Scott Klement
Should you COMMIT?
Paul Tuohy
Getting Started with APIs from RPG
Scott Klement
Consuming Web Services from RPG with HTTPAPI
Scott Klement
Processing XML with RPG
Jon Paris
RPG Tricks and Techniques
Paul Tuohy
It's Time to Set Your RPG Free
Susan Gantner
Let's Make a Service Program - Part 2
Barbara Morris
PHP and RPG Integration Examples
Mike Pavlak
Fun!(damental) and Fun!(ctional) Table-driven Programming
Ted Holt
Handling the Weird Stuff in RPG Programs
Paul Tuohy
Working with JSON in RPG Using Open Source Tools
Scott Klement
Let's Make a Service Program - Part 1
Barbara Morris
Introduction to XML Basics and Generating XML with RPG
Jon Paris
RPG Open Access - By Example
Jon Paris
More Freedom for RPG + Other Enhancements
Barbara Morris
Providing RPG Web Services on IBM i
Scott Klement
Advanced Data Structures ( *Now with Free-Form! )
Jon Paris
RPG Subprocedures - Beyond the Basics
Susan Gantner
Embedded SQL - Beyond the Basics
Paul Tuohy

    Programming with SQL

    IBM i 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and Beyond

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