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November 9, 2018
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January 31, 2018
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October 20, 2017
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IBM iAdvocate Resources

Thanks to skilled mentors from IBM and the collective wisdom of RPG & DB2 Summiteers, we're learning that WE can positively influence the future of the IBM i - and our own careers - by proactively advocating for ourselves and our platform of choice.

In their recent Summit Keynote addresses, IBM's Ian Jarman and Steve Will have armed us with compelling data to support how IBM i - coupled with your skills - can continue to achieve your organization's business goals more efficiently and cost-effectively than other solutions.

Now at each Summit, under the skillful tutelage of Mike Cain (one of the most effective iAdvocates we know) we explore techniques to articulate our message and to get into the position to influence decision makers within our organizations.

Below are Ian's, Steve's and Mike's materials, plus other presentations, independent research studies, white papers, case studies and tips that can help you hone your own iAdvocate and career-building skills.

Skills and Tips

Presentations and White Papers

  • IBM i in the Age of Digital Transformation (PDF)
    IBM's Ian Jarman explains how the IBM i addresses three key IT areas in this new Age of Transformation -- Systems of Record, Systems of Engagement, and Systems of Insight. He also presents recent research into current IBM i development environments, priorities, languages used for new development (think RPG!) and application modernization status.
  • IBM i: 25 Years and Counting (PDF)
    Alison Butterill explores the persistent innovation and competitive value of the IBM i platform using independent research, high profile success stories, functionality in recent Technology Refresh releases and a peek at IBM i direction and priorities for the future.
  • 25 Years of IBM i Innovation (White Paper)
  • 25 Years of IBM i Innovation (PPT)
    Using 25 vignettes developed by Ian Jarman and his team, this white paper and its companion PPT present IBM i innovations that created the foundation for enduring market success. Check out the speaker notes in the PPT or use the white paper as your cheat sheet when using these slides.
  • Why IBM i? Telling the i Story
    Presentation by Steve Will
  • Behind the Glitz - Is Life Better on Another Database Platform?
    Presentation by Rob Bestgen
    Eight excuses you'll hear for leaving DB2 for i, and how to combat them

Independent Research

SAP on IBM i

  • DB2 for i and SAP Live Up to the Hype
    Architecture Matters Blog by Ron Schmerbauch
    "DB2 for IBM i is giving SAP's shiny new HANA DB platform a run for its money in the latest SAP benchmark, BW-EML. Considering this workload was specifically architected in an attempt to showcase SAP HANA against traditional databases by putting a premium on complex ad-hoc queries with random selection criteria, IBM i shows extremely well at the official SAP scoreboard for the SAP BW-EML benchmark, setting the throughput record with the most Ad-Hoc Navigation Steps per hour."
  • SAP on i Wiki on developerWorks


  • In-Memory Database: DB2 for i
    Excerpt from blog post by Mike Cain
    "When will DB2 for i have in memory capabilities like the other database systems?... The ability to take advantage of all the memory available in the system has been a hallmark of DB2 for i for... well, 25 years. "
  • DB2 for i Overview
  • DB2 for i Benefits
  • New to IBM i
    Excellent resource from IBM developerWorks that describes the value behind IBM i's integration and architecture.


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