RPG & DB2 Summit

October 20-26, 2021


RPG & DB2 Summit Community Sessions

Please join us for two important online updates related to IBM i development, freely open to the IBM i community. Together, these sessions can help IBM i teams identify future strategic priorities as well as the skill sets they will require to address those business needs.

Summit Community Sessions

Date Webinars
September 29
12:00 - 1:15 EDT
Top 10 Skills for Today's RPGers
Jon Paris, Paul Tuohy & Susan Gantner
October 13
12:00 - 1:15 EDT
IBM i Next Gen Apps - Directions for Developers of IBM i Software
Steve Will


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Virtual Summit
  • Practical skills you can use today
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  • Best ways to architect applications for the future
  • Open source technologies for IBM i
  • How to improve your productivity

SiD Services & Events

Custom Training

As the SiD team or as individuals, Paul Tuohy, Susan Gantner, and Jon Paris offer a wide range of custom services to help you leverage key IBM i technologies in your unique environment.

Hands-On Workshops

Take a giant leap forward in one of today's critical IBM i development skills. These live, hands-on workshops offer a full day of in-depth learning with a lab workbook you can continue using as a reference.

Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit

In October, join the top IBM i development experts at the Summit to refresh your skills and wow your users with innovative applications built with IBM i data and business logic.