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RPG & DB2 Summit Announced for
March 17-19, 2015 in Dallas

Survey guides updates to agenda focused on modern skills

Peterborough, NH - December 8, 2014 - System i Developer today announces that the next RPG & DB2 Summit will take place March 17-19, 2015 at the Embassy Suites Outdoor World in Dallas, TX. The three-day conference trains developers on the latest skills needed to create or modernize applications that exploit IBM i data and business logic and can adapt to an ever-changing IT landscape.

According to Jon Paris, partner at System i Developer, recent enhancements to Free Form RPG have bolstered the profile of IBM i development.

"We're seeing a lot of enthusiasm around Free Form RPG, SQL and (finally!) RSE, and that's really exciting. These are technologies that help RPGers and the rest of the IT world understand one another. But more importantly, these technologies expose the beauty of RPG to younger developers, and that will help us fix the looming shortage of IBM i developers," explains Paris.

"The transition is already noticeable. This past October we hosted a record number of younger developers at the Summit, and by "younger" I mean under 30, not 50! Most were trained in other languages and learning RPG on the job."

A recent survey of 1,000 RPG & DB2 Summit alumni pointed to the modernization of code, user interfaces and development skills as the most pressing issues facing IBM i development teams, followed by integration projects and more effective use of DB2 for i.

"The best technologies to accomplish a given task keep changing," warns Paris. "Each year brings new and better ways to code. It's more important than ever for career RPGers to refresh their skills regularly. It's not just about efficiency, it's about using new techniques that allow your applications to adapt to new requirements. I'm proud of the applications I have built over the years. I want to keep them fresh and relevant. I don't want to have a new generation of developers throw my "babies" out with the bath water because they are ugly!"

The System i Developer partners are evaluating several new session topics for the Spring 2015 Summit based on the survey results.

Pre-conference workshops on Web Services, SQL, RSE/RDi and PHP will take place Monday, March 16.

To find out more about the upcoming RPG & DB2 Summit, visit, email conference registration or call 802-496-3397 (toll-free 866-716-5409).

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