Part 6 of the “History of RPG” published

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For those one or two readers of this blog who haven’t already seen it – the 6th and final (?) part of the RPG saga has been now been published.  The complete list is:

Part 1: The Birth of a New RPG

Part 2: From Skunkworks to Project

Part 3: Your […]

Be the Change – Developing IBM i Education

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I had been working on this post when Steve Pitcher’s excellent column Finding the New Breed of RPG Programmers  was published, as well as Brian May’s Young RPG Talent: It Exists if You Make an Investment. In addition to thinking these are important and timely […]

By way of Introduction …

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As many of you reading this will already know, Susan and I write a (mostly) weekly blog for IBM Systems Magazine. For those who didn’t know that, if you follow the link you’ll see that recently I’ve been recounting the history of RPG IV from […]

Welcome to the New New SiD Blog Site!

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Writing this post has a certain deja vu feel to it. After all it was only just over a year ago (April 12th, 2014) that I wrote our first blog post welcoming you to the original SiD Blog site and introducing Tim Rowe as our […]

What does QA apply to in the IBM i world? Everything.

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One of the most interesting areas of quality assurance and software testing is understanding the differences between the two. The foundations of QA are applicable to any type of information technology application. Software testing is informed by the core of QA knowledge and is designed […]

Scott Forstie on DB2 Developments & Chinese Cooking

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DB2 for i business architect and SQL development leader Scott Forstie is, I think, one of the most important people working on our system today.

He recently explained to me the significance of the new SQL interfaces we’ve seen introduced in technology releases lately. They help […]

Looking For Stuff With iSphere

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In an earlier tip for the Four Hundred Guru I introduced you to the free iSphere RDi plug-in.
In this second tip in a series on iSphere, I focused on a couple of options within iSphere that can help you search for things and subsequently edit them. […]

iSphere Plug-in Makes RSE Even Better

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As you may know, I’m a huge RSE/RDi fan.
One of the great things about RDi (and RDP and WDSC) is that it’s based on Eclipse, which was designed from the ground up to be extendable by anyone. That means that we don’t need to rely only […]

Alison Butterill on Technology Refreshes and Austin

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What’s going on with all of these Technology Refreshes?

I caught up with Alison Butterill recently — and that’s harder than you might think — to talk with her about Technology Refresh 10 for IBM i 7.1 and Technology Refresh 2 for IBM i 7.2. As […]

Pat Botz on Developers’ Roles in Security & Pranks

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Security expert Pat Botz gave a session at the last RPG & DB2 Summit that I really wanted to sit in on. It was called “Security and the IBM i Developer” and he talked about the challenges of building security-compliant applications and where responsibilities lie.

Since […]