Welcome to the New New SiD Blog Site!

By |May 31, 2015|Announcements|

Writing this post has a certain deja vu feel to it. After all it was only just over a year ago (April 12th, 2014) that I wrote our first blog post welcoming you to the original SiD Blog site and introducing Tim Rowe as our […]

What is Quality Assurance and Why Do We Need It?

By |May 18, 2015|Announcements, Testing & QA|

It has been ten years since quality assurance on IBM i became my speciality. In that time many things have changed in both areas of information technology. The iSeries has developed into the IBM i on Power Systems and continues to innovate with each release […]

Modernization Alive and Well

By |May 17, 2015|Announcements|

Modernization on IBM i is alive and well.

Been a bit since I last posted anything. Certainly not because there is nothing going on! Quite the opposite. The past several months have been very busy. The development team has been heads down working on all sorts […]

If Only RDi Could…

By |May 15, 2015|IBM i Tools|

We often hear comments that start out with “if only RDi could…” that typically refer to something the commenter can do using the green-screen development tools. Sometimes we agree – we think that would be great, too. Sometimes we say “it already does that, and […]

Ted Holt, Programming Trends and Music

By |April 21, 2015|People of Interest|

I had the pleasure of recently getting together with Ted Holt, technical editor of Four Hundred Guru. He talked with me about being a technical editor while holding down a full-time job, trends in programming, returning to COBOL and the importance of music. Have a […]

Did Larry Ellison get it right?

By |April 20, 2015|IBM i Advocacy|

Jon and I have been blogging for years on IBM Systems Magazine’s site. One of my favorite posts in all that time was the open letter to Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison. It was about 4 years ago when Oracle was making a lot of noise about the […]

Part 3: Dr. Frank Soltis on Cars and System Names

By |April 15, 2015|People of Interest|

In part 3 of this entertaining conversation with the father of the AS/400, Dr. Frank talks about his long history with cars and what that has to do with naming systems. Who knew? Have a listen here.

Part 2: Dr. Frank Soltis on the Birth of AS/400

By |March 17, 2015|People of Interest|

Milking the opportunity to talk with to the father of the AS/400 for all it’s worth, in part 2 of this three-part conversation, Dr. Frank talks about the early history of the AS/400 and how it came to be. Have a listen here.

Dr. Frank Soltis on his Early Days

By |March 11, 2015|People of Interest|

It was my honor to catch up recently with Dr. Frank Soltis, the eminent father of the AS/400. In part 1 of this 3-part series, Dr. Frank fills us in on his early days. Have a listen here.

Node.js on IBM i

By |December 12, 2014|IBM Announcements|

An exciting new day has dawned. The latest in Open Source Technologies for IBM i is now available. It was announced as part of the IBM i 7.1 TR9 and IBM I 7.2 TR1 RFA back in October and it reached GA today Dec 12! […]