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Code snippets, shortcuts, wrappers, and other useful tools
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Favorite RSE Shortcuts

We programmers are always on the lookout for great productivity tips. With RDi as the primary IBM i development environment, we all need to get up to speed with RSE, which forms the base of RDi. We hope our RSE/RDi Keyboard Shortcuts "cheat sheet" helps.


Automate the documentation of your modern RPG applications using this free set of programs to generate the RPGLEDOC documentation and examples of how you might view the contents of the documentation using either CGIDEV2 or PHP.

Externalize DB Processing

The EXTERNAL library contains the sources used in the presentation Externalize Database Processing in RPG IV. These examples provide a basic introduction to the concept of externalized database processing and SHOULD NOT be considered as production ready code.

RSE Quick Start Guide

This guide steps you through the process of installing and configuring RSE, getting the most out of its powerful source editor, exploring your programs with the Outline View, and finding/fixing compile time errors faster than ever without ever opening a compile listing.

Wrappers for SQLSCALAR

SQL offers a host of powerful scalar functions, which can be a lot easier than the RPG alternative. Nearly every one of these functions can be "wrapped" in an RPGLE subprocedure. This set of subprocedure wrappers for several SQL Scalar Functions will get you started.

Code for Redpapers

SiD partners contributed code for two different IBM Redpapers — RPG: APIs and RPG: Exception and Error Handling. The code from each can be accessed here.

Useful RSE Tips

Susan Gantner shares several of her favorite Rdi tips, including these classics:

  • Playing with Blocks
  • Three Little Words to Simplify Debugging
  • Customize Your RPG Editor
  • The Outline View


SiD Services & Events

Custom Training

As the SiD team or as individuals, Paul Tuohy, Susan Gantner, and Jon Paris offer a wide range of custom services to help you leverage key IBM i technologies in your unique environment.

Hands-On Workshops

Take a giant leap forward in one of today's critical IBM i development skills. These live, hands-on workshops offer a full day of in-depth learning with a lab workbook you can continue using as a reference.

Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit

In October, join the top IBM i development experts at the Summit to refresh your skills and wow your users with innovative applications built with IBM i data and business logic.